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Tomorrow Zero

The first bank account that offsets your carbon footprint.

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Protect the climate with our premium account

Is the future of our planet more important to you than access to VIP lounges at airports? Are you happy to do without extra insurance products and fuel discounts? We believe that the time has come for a premium account that focuses on what really matters: climate protection. As the first such account in Germany, Tomorrow Zero enables you to offset your carbon footprint. To do this, we're investing in selected climate protection projects in developing countries. Each account avoids as much CO2 as an average German emits: 11.3 tons per year.

Set it up once,
protect the
climate every month.

Maybe you already know about carbon offsetting from flying: with many providers, you can offset your flight with a one-time climate donation. Tomorrow Zero goes one step further. With our premium account you don’t compensate for a single flight, but for what a German emits in total per year. The whole thing works like a subscription: As a Zero customer, you offset almost a ton of CO2 every month. In concrete terms, you are funding three climate protection projects.

Biogas plants in Vietnam

Many people in Vietnam still cook with wood or charcoal. This releases climate-damaging emissions. A clean alternative is small biogas plants that are used directly in households and enable families to convert organic waste such as animal dung into energy. In the plants, the waste is fermented in hermetically sealed digesters into biogas. You can then cook with it. It can also be used to operate gas lamps.
The plants also ensure that biomass does not simply rot in the open air, which would release methane. That too helps the climate. As a by-product, they also produce natural fertiliser that is cheaper and better for the soil than synthetic fertilisers. Finally, the project also improves the health and social situation of people in poverty who can now use clean and affordable energy.

Clean drinking water in Uganda

Two billion people in the world have no access to drinking water. They often have no other option but to boil water with the simplest means on an open fire. This creates CO2 emissions. The "Improved Kitchen Regimes" programme is intended to avoid these. For example, boreholes are being laid out and maintained in Uganda. Thanks to them, people have access to clean drinking water without having to boil it down.

Elsewhere, the project is using efficient cooking stoves that consume less firewood and thus produce less CO2. In addition to saving greenhouse gases, the project also ensures better human health. The consumption of contaminated drinking water is one of the leading causes of death in sub-Saharan Africa. The smoke development when boiling off the water leads to respiratory diseases, especially in women and children. The project combats both problems while protecting the climate.

Support of small farmers in Peru

In the southeast of Peru lies Tambopata, a huge, breathtakingly beautiful part of the Amazon. The area consists of primeval forest, wet savanna, rivers and lakes, and is the habitat for countless animal and plant species. For the climate, the tropical rainforest is invaluable, because it stores a lot of CO2. However, it is increasingly threatened in Peru. More and more roads are being built through it. More and more areas are being cut down and destroyed by illegal gold mines.

To protect the rainforest, this project supports 400 local families in the area. The small farmers get the rights to land on which they can harvest Brazil nuts, for example. The trees, which are up to 60 meters high, have always been a natural part of the rainforest. In addition, the farmers receive micro-loans and support in the marketing and processing of nuts. In this way, they can work out a livelihood that does not require the deforestation of the rainforest.

Can you easily balance out your climate crimes?

We'll admit it, we were a bit sceptical at the beginning. Can you balance out your climate crimes, just like that? Isn't it much more important to reduce your own CO2 emissions? The answer is yes, the most important thing is that we reduce our own CO2 emissions - for example by flying less and eating less meat. But it is also true that we will never be able to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement in this way. Every German emits more than eleven tons of CO2 per year on average. Scientists estimate that this figure should be maximum of two tons to prevent the earth from warming by more than two degrees.

A mix of measures is therefore necessary. Wherever possible, we should avoid or at least reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, we should also see climate protection as a joint task - and contribute to avoiding emissions in countries where you can achieve a great deal with little money. Incidentally, this is also a question of fairness. The projects supported also help people in developing countries, who are most affected by climate change - although they are least responsible for it.


Wherever possible, you should avoid CO2 emissions altogether, for example by saying no to that long-distance trip.


If CO2 emissions cannot be avoided, you should at least reduce them by, for example, taking the train instead of a car.


You can offset unavoidable CO2 emissions through climate protection projects.

Is that all?
No, that's just
the beginning.

With Tomorrow Zero you can make an effective contribution to climate protection. But for us this is just the beginning. We want to go further in the future, along with you. For example, we are currently working on an intelligent way to measure your ecological footprint. Your account could let you know when your CO2 emissions exceed a certain level - and help you reduce them. For now, this remains firmly in the future. But we're on our way towards that. Let us know what you think and what you want. Inas, our co-founder, outlines a few ideas in this video.

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