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Bank Comparison Tool

Your bank vs. Tomorrow

Do you actually know what your bank is doing with your money? Does it support the fossil fuel industry, human rights violations or corruption?

Choose your current bank and you will see how it performs to us in terms of sustainability.

Where does the data come from?

The data used in this bank comparator is derived from the Fair Finance Guide Germany which is generally accessible to the public and free of charge on the website

Facing Finance e.V. works independently and makes its assessments available to the public without any restriction. There is no cooperation between Facing Finance e.V. and Tomorrow.

About the Fair Finance Guide

The Fair Finance Guide Germany is a project of the NGO Facing Finance in cooperation with the SÜDWIND Institute and the Verbraucherzentrale Bremen and is a member of the Fair Finance International initiative, a coalition of organizations present in 18 countries. It has developed an thorough assessment methodology for various types of financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies and pension funds in a range of topics and sectors. This detailed analysis is meant to help customers understand the commitments and obligations their banks have made publicly.