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Help solve the biggest challenges of our generation

(How) do we want to live in the future?

Our future on this planet depends substantially on how we manage our resources in the future.

Growing food

Monoculture and factory farming are causing great damage to our planet. Let’s rethink the way we produce food to secure human livelihood on this earth.

Designing mobility

Never before have we been as mobile as we are today. We don’t want to give up that freedom. Let’s take a new, cleaner path and ditch dirty engines and budget flights.

Producing energy

Why do we still burn coal while wind, water and sunlight deliver infinite energy? Let’s say goodbye to fossil fuels and direct our energy into future-proof alternatives.

If we want to redesign our future, we’ll need money. They say that our money works for us. Well, does it?

Source: ICAN study „Don't bank on the bomb

Banks use the money we have in our bank accounts to invest. In theory, there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is that they heavily invest our money in industries that damage us and our planet. Like coal and weapons. And they haven’t ever asked our permission for it.

55,500,000 € invested in renewable energies
through Environmental Bonds
27,400,000 € invested in social housing
through Social Bonds

At Tomorrow your money is invested in sustainable industries. It’s your easy and free contribution to a better future.

You actively protect the climate with every purchase.

For every 5 euro paid with your Tomorrow card you restore 1 wheelbarrow of habitat.

Let’s make our money part of the solution. Together with you we create the future of banking – technically, ethically and practically.

Transparency is 👑 –

With our sustainability report we make it clear what we achieved in 2021 together with your help.

Join the future of banking. Download the Tomorrow app now and get started right away!

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