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Invest in what is good.

Truly sustainable investing

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Sustainable investments made easy. Soon you can invest in the Tomorrow stock fund – completely transparent and truly sustainable. Because the best investment is an investment in our future.

Our strict selection process ensures that every single euro is invested in our future.

Greenwashers hate this trick.

Every company is assessed against strict ecological, social and ethical standards. We use over 100 positive and negative criteria based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Final decision: Impact Council

Our screening process prevents any conflict of interest – by design. The final vote lies with the Impact Council, an independent body of experts.

Sustainability pays off.

Good values, good money, good future: our stock fund is sustainable in every aspect – for people, planet and pocket. Make your money work for your personal future.

Trust is good, transparency is 👑.

Many funds have a green label, but deep down in the small print they aren’t that green. Not with us. For every company we make transparent why it has been included in the fund.

Never lose sight of your future.

Soon you’ll have your savings goals and your sustainable investments all in one place in the Tomorrow app.

Money makes the world go round.

But it’s up to us to control the direction. Let’s make money part of the solution and empower truly sustainable, innovative companies.

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