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Your sustainable investment fund

The Tomorrow Better Future Stocks is a sustainable investment fund – with sustainable companies only. Invest in what is important to all of us.

What makes the Tomorrow Better Future Stocks unique

2° goal aligned

The fund is curated in accordance with the Paris climate agreement.

No hidden costs

No account fees, no purchase fees. Admin and transaction costs only.

100% transparent

You always know which companies are included in the fund and why.

What is an investment fund?

An investment fund contains lots of different stocks, it’s like a basket full of company shares. No worries, you don’t need to select the companies – a specialized fund management company does that for you. A stock fund offers the possibility to invest long-term. With an investment strategy that does not focus on daily changes and quick profits but works on your sustainable financial future.

Your sustainable stockfund

Tomorrow Better Future Stocks
Impact fund
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Which companies do I invest in exactly?

The Tomorrow Better Future Stocks fund includes a number of carefully selected companies. Such as bike parts and fishing equipment manufacturer Shimano, Sonova hearing aids or renewable energy producer Encavis.

Note: The composition of the fund may change at any time

All companies in the Tomorrow Better Future Stocks fund
If the world economy was composed like the Tomorrow Better Future Stocks Fund, we as a society would meet the 2 degree target
Inas, Co-Founder

All you need to know

Apart from buying via the Tomorrow app, you can also invest in the Tomorrow Better Future Stocks at other banks. To do so, simply search for the fund by WKN or name in your online banking. The same costs apply as with Tomorrow, but the minimum investment may vary.

If you can't find the fund or can't invest, contact your bank advisor or the customer support of your bank.


Account fee
Fund costs per year
Issuing fee
Transaction costs per year
approx. 0.20%

Key data

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Your money has power. Use it for positive change by investing in the Tomorrow Better Future Stocks. Open your account in just a few minutes and start investing in a truly sustainable fund!

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Disclaimer & risk notice: The mentioned investment products are associated with risks as the value of your investments may increase or decrease in value. You may lose your invested money. Price developments in the past, simulations or forecasts are no reliable indicator of future performance.

The text does not contain investment advice or recommendations to buy or sell. Visualizations are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent actual or future performance of the fund.

Our partner Solaris SE is the provider of all banking services. Additionally Tomorrow GmbH offers the brokerage of the Tomorrow Better Future Stocks fund as a tied agent within the meaning of § 2 para. 10 KWG in the name and for the account of Solaris SE and is entered in the public register maintained by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). The register can be viewed at