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Invest sustainably in solar energy

Investment period completed: From June 13 to July 11, 2023, Tomorrow customers could invest in solar energy directly via the app. A total of €2 million was collected and thus financed the expansion of the Waldböckelheim solar bond.

Why the expansion of solar energy is important

Renewable energy sources are among the most important sources of electricity in Germany. In 2022, the share of renewable energy in electricity consumption was approximately 45% in Germany. According to the new Renewable Energy Act, at least 80% of the consumed electricity should come from renewable sources by 2030. To achieve this goal, the share of renewable energy needs to be almost doubled in the next seven years.

The expansion of solar energy is a key component of the energy revolution. Solar power, along with wind and hydropower, is one of the main pillars of renewable energy. Solar power is already the most cost-effective form of energy generation in many regions. In 2022, solar power accounted for 11% of the total electricity generated. For example, coal accounted for 33% and natural gas for 11%. (Sources: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, 2023; Federal Statistical Office, 2023)

How you can invest in solar energy

In the Future ab of the Tomorrow app, you now have the possibility to invest directly in solar energy. As a Tomorrow customer, you can find more information directly in the app.

By investing in solar energy, you support the promotion of green and clean electricity. This way, you actively contribute to a sustainable energy supply, CO₂ reductions, and extensive climate protection.

Moreover, you have the chance to benefit from a future-oriented growth market and tangible assets that are independent of fluctuations in the traditional financial markets.

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Contribution to energy revolution and climate protection

Promotion of green electricity with a positive, measurable impact

Fixed-interest investment

State-supported, future-oriented growth market

Stability through tangible asset investments

Independent of traditional financial markets

Our partner WIWIN

Tomorrow collaborates with WIWIN for this purpose. WIWIN is a platform for sustainable investments and, just like Tomorrow, aims to put money on the good side and to utilize it to finance truly sustainable ventures.

While the majority of today's financial resources flow into traditional investments that come at the expense of our ecosystem and future generations, the sustainability transition remains significantly underfunded. This is where WIWIN comes in: WIWIN ensures that as many people as possible can participate in the sustainability transition. Therefore, WIWIN facilitates the flow of capital between investors and enterprises with a truly positive impact through crowd-investing.

Learn more about WIWIN here

Disclaimer: The mentioned investment products are associated with risks. The text does not contain investment advice or recommendations to buy or sell.