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Wood is the new good.

Tomorrow’s wooden card stands for a new way of looking at money and consumption. It’s an expression of our belief that banking should no longer cost the earth.

Take the path to a new sustainable lifestyle.

You will be the proud owner of one of the world’s first wooden bank cards. And with that you’ll make sustainable banking more visible.

The card is made of cherry wood sustainably grown in Austria.

One single tree provides enough wood for 10,000 cards. Compared to a normal card that saves 80 % single-use plastic.

Tomorrow is the future of banking, fully mobile and truly sustainable.

Open a bank account in only a few minutes – and protect the climate with every purchase.

Our wooden card is included in Tomorrow Zero – our premium account with extra climate protection. For 15 € a month you get unlimited mobile banking and climate protection in one.

Open a sustainable account and get our wooden card when you choose Zero.

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