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8+1 arguments for a sustainable bank account

Published January 4th, 2023

Banks use the money in your account to finance a wide variety of industries. In some cases, these are industries that are actually contributing to the ongoing destruction of the planet. This is why ethical and ecological standards, and therefore a sustainable account, are so important. Because it allows you to use your own money to make a positive impact and finance forward-looking industries. Not convinced yet? Here are some more arguments:

1. You need an account anyway, so why not go for one that also does good?

Everyone has a bank account, and your choice of bank decides what happens with your money every day. If you use a sustainable account, you will instantly start making a positive impact daily as your money will be used to finance future-proof industries. And you hardly have to do a thing!

2. Banking without compromises: A sustainable account is just as good as a standard one

A sustainable current account offers you the same convenience that you would get with a mainstream account – plus a whole lot more! For example, transparency is a huge priority for sustainable banks. They don’t partake in any shady, unethical activities and you will find out exactly which sustainable projects the bank is investing your deposits in.

3. Making an impact: Your money has more power than you think

You avoid plastic wherever possible and only eat meat, if at all, on Sundays and only if it’s organic? Those are definitely important steps towards preserving our planet. And with a sustainable account, you will be going one step further: with minimum effort by you, your money will be put to good use for the world.

4. Set an example for the people around you

Lead the way and show your circle of friends how easily and effectively sustainability can be integrated into everyday life with a green account. Whenever you get your card out at the till or want to send each other money, you will have the opportunity to tell them about your bank and convince them to join you on the green side.

5. A one-time change that changes something every day

Opening a sustainable account is as easy as child’s play – and really fast! Did you know that banks are even obliged to help you switch accounts? This makes it easier for you to seamlessly move all your direct debits over. So it’s just one small task on your part and from that moment on, your money will be working sustainably every day.

6. A good conscience thanks to your sustainable account

When it comes to our career, how we spend our free time or consumer decisions, many of us are keen to make the “right” choices in life. Opening a sustainable current account makes sense on all counts and having a good conscience gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

7. Not just good for you, but also for people, peace and the planet

Sustainable banks categorically rule out investments in destructive sectors like the arms industry, factory farming, fossil fuels and food speculation. Instead, they promote the energy transition, affordable housing and a planet worth living in, by only ever funding good causes.

8. An effective step towards cutting the parental cord

You’re still with the village bank where your parents opened a current account for you? Oops! Your parents don’t still make all your decisions for you, do they? Take your life in your own hands and look for a better alternative that suits your current needs.

8+1. Sustainable banking with style

You can pay in style and will impress everyone you hand over your card to – whether at the bar, till or cash desk. All thanks to your mighty fine-looking Tomorrow bank card!

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