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3.000.000 Euro in 300 minutes!

Thanks to over 2000 investors – we have broken the record time for crowdinvesting on this scale! 🚀


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€ 100
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€ 3 M
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Bad banks invest your money in the arms industry, climate-damaging energies and large-scale factory farming.

Together we are changing what it means to be a bank.

As a micro-investor you will participate in the success of Tomorrow.

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"Tomorrow brings the long overdue change to the world of banking."
Oğuz Yılmaz, digital consultant and founder of the sustainable artist management YilmazHummel
"Working on the common vision of a better tomorrow motivates me every day!"
Maria Mondry, Product Owner and part of the largest team at Tomorrow – Tech
The problem

Bad banks are a thing of the past

$ 1.9 trillion
In fossil fuels
24 billion euros
In armaments
31.8 billion euros
lost by cum-ex

It’s no secret that conventional banks have plenty of skeletons in their closets

in fact, they regularly prove it themselves. With the 2009 financial crisis, the cum-ex and Panama Papers scandals or ridiculously high bonuses for (invariably male) board members, conventional banks more than live up to the cliché of “bad banks”.

Through the systematic use of opaque communication, conventional banks obscure what they are actually using their customers’ money for. Whether they have deposited their money in current accounts, savings accounts or the equities funds of conventional financial institutions, the banks – without the customers’ consent – make massive investments in coal, armaments and other industries that are detrimental to the well-being of our planet and our species.

Since the Paris Agreement was signed, 33 global banks have financed fossil fuels to the tune of $1.9 billion.1

Conventional banks from Germany financed 26% of all coal-fired power stations worldwide.2

The German state lost out on a total of €31.8 billion through “cum-ex trading” and “cum-cum trading”, whereby shareholders garnered tax refunds to which they were not entitled. Almost all major banks were involved, robbing the state and, in turn, the general public.3

In recent years, ten German financial institutions – including Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank – even put their weight behind manufacturers of nuclear weapons, with a total of €8.4 billion being invested between 2014 and 2017.4

1) Deutsche Bundesbank branch report (2018)

2) Banking on Climate Change. Fossil Fuel Finance Report (2019)

3) DIE ZEIT (2017)

4) Don’t bank on the Bomb. A Global Report on the Financing of Nuclear Weapons Producers (2018)

Our achievements

Tomorrow ist Good Banking

40,000+ customers
in 18 months
70 million euros
Customer deposits
5 star ratings

We have set out to make sustainable banking mainstream. Together with you, we have already set the wheels in motion – wheels that the bad banks of this world can no longer stop.

Over 40,000 customers in 18 months with a growth rate of 53% per quarter
The Tomorrow current account has been on the market since March 2019 – since then, 40,000 people have opened an account with us and are using our card for everyday payments. At the beginning of this year, we launched our “Zero” premium account, which over 10% of our active users have already signed up for.

Over €70 million in customer deposits are working for positive change
We guarantee that the money deposited in Tomorrow accounts will not be used for destructive sectors such as coal, armaments or factory farming. Instead we invest in projects that will increase our future quality of life and improve all our tomorrows.

Over 3,000 5-star reviews prove that Tomorrow excites people
Every day, we are working to make the Tomorrow app even better, to save you time and money as you go about your daily business. The positive feedback and App Store ratings are a constant source of motivation for us.

35,000 tonnes of CO₂ avoided – this is the equivalent of around 9,000 flights from Munich to New York
With every card payment, we finance climate protection projects in the Global South, which demonstrably help to reduce CO₂. With their accounts, our Zero customers offset an additional 11.3 tonnes of CO₂ per annum. As a community, we can already make a noticeable difference at this point.

Tomorrow GmbH is a B Corp – Certificate for the highest social and ecological standards
We are part of the global B Corp network. BB Corp stands for “Certified Benefit Corporations”. In other words – for profit-oriented companies that don’t use their business solely for the purpose of maximising profits but rather for creating added value for society and putting ecological sustainability into practice. To qualify as a B Corp, a company must meet rigorous standards with regard to social and environmental responsibility, performance, transparency and company structures.

Our Mission

Let's change what it means to be a bank

Let’s unf*ck Banking
Sustainable investing
New European markets

By opening the black box and finding and implementing innovative approaches to social and environmental challenges.

Let’s unf*ck Banking
We believe that money can – no, must! – be part of the solution. But while we are trying to make our everyday lives more sustainable, our money is in the bank, possibly being used to finance a new coal-fired power station. This may sound far-fetched, but it is perfectly true. Together with you, we want to turn the tables by funding the expansion of renewable energies, financing the construction of social housing – and putting our weight behind business models with a sustainable outlook.

A better tomorrow for you and everyone else
We want to do things differently to the conventional banks – to be consistently sustainable, transparent and smart. With the Tomorrow current account, we have already demonstrated that sustainable banking can be fun and reflect the current climate. Our next step is to launch an investment product on the market – one that is in line with these very standards. Tomorrow aims to become a comprehensive platform for finances or, in other words, a home for your finances.

Leaving the niche behind and heading for the mainstream
We would like to make it possible for many more people to initiate positive change with their money – which is why we will be soon be moving into other markets and bringing Tomorrow to other European countries as well.

Tomorrow’s crowdinvesting at a glance


Join in with as little as €100

You don’t need to have millions to invest in a better tomorrow. In fact, you can invest anything between €100 and €25,000.
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Opportunity for high value growth

If we are successful, then you are too. If Tomorrow makes profits, you will participate in them; the same applies if the company is sold or goes public.
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Your money increases

You earn 5% interest on the money you invest. Example – If you invest €10,000 today, you can sell your shares again after five years and make a profit of €2,500. If you make full use of the flexible term, this could be as much as €5,000 after 10 years.
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"Banks should not be able to do whatever they want and harm the environment with their business. I support Tomorrow because it shows that banking can also be sustainable."
Madeleine "DariaDaria" Alizadeh, fair fashion entrepreneur and activist
"We believe that Tomorrow will be a huge turn-around for the financial industry."
Matthias von Bechtolsheim, Founder and Investor of Tomorrow

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Tomorrow is a B Corp.

More about the certification
B Corp Logo
B Corp Logo

Tomorrow is a B Corp.

More about the certification