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A new chapter for Tomorrow: We are introducing a new pricing model

Published August 30th, 2021

Truly sustainable, in every aspect: We are introducing a new pricing model at Tomorrow. Why we are doing this and what it means for our customers will be answered by our Head of Customer Support Ron in this interview.

On the journey of our mission to bring sustainable banking out of the niche and make money a part of the solution, we have already come a long way in a very short time: With now more than 85,000 customers, over 200,000,000 square meters of protected rainforest and almost 60,000,000 kg of offset CO₂.

Now it is our turn as a company to start a new chapter with changing our pricing model in October. Why we're doing this, how it will impact our mission and what it means for our (existing) will be discussed by Ron, our Head of Customer Support, in this interview:

Why is now the right time to make this change?

Three years ago, we launched the beta version of the first digital sustainable bank account and invited everyone to test it for free. With the ambition to build and develop a product based on true needs - a better product than the banks who are destroying the planet - together with a community of activists, idealists and pioneers who truly believe in our vision.

Today, we have a kick ass offering we can all be proud of: An app that is consistently mobile and easy to use as well as consequently sustainable banking accounts that create positive impact every day. We grew into a community of more than 85.000 people of Tomorrow who do not want to invest into yesterday’s industries anymore. Additionally, we are the best rated banking app in Germany.

The movement is finally here, it is exceptional – and we want to take it even further: New products and features, even better customer service, even more impact and even more money taken from climate-wrecking industries.

How does that pay into our mission?

We are committed to changing the banking world in the long term and unfolding maximum positive impact in the process. Because we are convinced that money is part of the solution. That is our goal - and it requires a lot. The new account offering is essential to achieving financial sustainability by balancing our efforts and costs - from the product itself to the careful selection of sustainable projects or the people in the support team answering when you call.

What does that mean for our customers?

First of all, the most important thing for our existing customers is that anyone who registers before October 2021 will not be affected by the changes. The account models and prices of these customers will remain the same as long as they do not switch to a new product. This way, we want to reward them for their early loyalty to us with loyalty of their own.

In the future, there will be three account models: one under €5, one for less than €10 and one for about €15 - from which customers can choose according to their personal needs and possibilities. Details will be available when the new pricing model is launched.

We will not offer a free account anymore. Financial sustainability is a prerequisite for us to change the banking world and unfold maximum impact. This would not be possible if we kept it.

However, we will always try to find a solution for those who cannot afford an account.