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What should the digital education of tomorrow look like? Podcast #20 feat. Marina Weisband

Published July 19th, 2021

How can we rethink our approach to schools and learning to harness the potential of digital technologies and achieve more equal opportunities in education? These are the topics we are discussing in the new episode of our podcast with education expert Marina Weisband as our guest.

Fast-paced learning through front-facing teaching and lessons divided into subject areas? Smartphones have no place in schools? Digitalisation as a mere buzzword rather than an everyday reality? Marina Weisband has a few better ideas up her sleeve, not to mention plenty of good examples as to how things can be done differently.

The psychologist and education specialist runs, an online platform that was developed together with Germany’s Federal Agency for Civic Education. Its core idea is to enable young people to have an active say in their everyday school life.

Marina is also Co-Chair of D64ev, an association that advocates digital advancement. A lot of you may know her from Twitter, where she speaks up on a variety of socio-political issues – or from her time as a political manager of the German Pirate Party.

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What should the digital education of tomorrow look like?

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We spoke to her about where a lot of schools and educational offers are still lagging behind, what is already working well and what is not working at all – and what we need to do now so that we can ensure more equal opportunities in the future.

She is also revealing which superpower she would choose, which slogan she would give a political party these days and which subject she wasn’t very good at in school.

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