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What needs to change in soccer tomorrow? Podcast #22 feat. Ewald Lienen

Published December 12th, 2021

What could soccer, as a sport, as an economic system and as a passionate hobby of millions of people, look like tomorrow? And what role does money, sustainability and the development of new talents play in that? We have the answers – in the latest episode of our Über Morgen podcast featuring Ewald Lienen as our guest. 

Soccer is more than just a sport – most people would agree with that statement. But is all the money that’s meanwhile involved more of a blessing or a curse? How can we keep up internationally? What role should (or can) politics play on the pitch? And how can soccer associations do their bit when it comes to sustainability?

As these are all questions that can have widely differing answers, we discussed them with someone who has known the soccer system inside-out for 50 years – from a number of different perspectives. Our guest for this episode is Ewald Lienen, a professional player and coach who, for various teams, has been having a decisive influence on German soccer since the 1970s.

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Podcast feat. Ewald Lienen

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But since 2014, he has been firmly committed to Hamburg club FC St. Pauli, first as Head Coach, then as Technical Director and today as a values ambassador. The perfect match, if you ask us! For Ewald Lienen, topics like sustainability and values in soccer are just as important as always speaking his mind – as an expert, a fan and a critic.

This makes him the ideal guest for us to chat to about the current situation in the world of soccer, as well as about what used to be better and what urgently needs to change in the future – to make soccer even more inclusive, sustainable and perhaps even more of a force for social justice.