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Tomorrow is coming. In November.

Published November 14th, 2018

Things are getting real. Tomorrow’s coming. In November.

After about 9 months of development and a sweat-inducing beta test phase, we will launch our product - the first consistently mobile and sustainable current account.

We are incredibly proud of this first major milestone on the road to becoming the “banking of tomorrow”. The app will be available on Google Playstore and Applestore from now on.

This ends our beta phase and Tomorrow is now officially launching. First milestone: check. Since then we have been working our so-called “waiting list” and every day we get a few hundred users on board. When the time comes, you will receive a separate email with a code to start opening your account.

Why can’t everyone open an account right away? Good question! Firstly, because we want to grow organically, that is, have all processes under control and take customer feedback seriously. After all, this is still about banking, improving the world or not. Secondly, because here at St. Pauli, Hamburg we work with a team that is manageable in size. We’re absolutely dedicated, of course, but we are only (good) humans, after all.

The time will come. If you’re impatient now, we can understand. That’s how it’s been for the last year for us. But don’t be annoyed, there are plenty of reasons to be happy:

#1 You are already at the front, it won’t take long until your code arrives.

#2 In the meantime, you can stay up to date and are already part of the family (#peopleoftomorrow).

#3 Active participation is already possible - e.g. in our forum or the Facebook group. And we also love a good old email with ideas and feedback.

#4 Every person added to our waiting list is already sending out a signal of change: Banking must no longer cost the world!

Is your name not on the list yet? Then quickly enter it at the top. Are your friends still in the dark about Tomorrow? Then let them know quickly so they don’t just look blank.

Our hard-working busy beta bees, whom we can’t thank enough, can of course continue to use their accounts as usual. That´s a matter of honour.