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What will our digital life look like tomorrow? Podcast #18 feat. Christoph Bornschein

Published January 28th, 2021

Why is the pace of digitalisation here in Germany so slow and how can we finally start to make progress? What are the tools and technologies that await us in the future? And what were the most important decisions our special guest made that led to his current success? Find out the answers in the latest episode of our “Über Morgen” podcast – this time with Christoph Bornschein.

It’s no secret that Germany is massively lagging behind when it comes to digitalisation. And the COVID crisis has only reinforced how that is affecting society as a whole. From health authorities that are still working with fax machines, schools without a digital concept or the Corona-Warn-App that was launched at some point during the crisis but isn’t exactly functional. We are simply not where we could – and should – be.

So the big question here is: why aren’t we doing better? And what needs to happen today so that things look different tomorrow? We spoke about all of that and more in our new episode with Christoph Bornschein.

Podigee Podcast | Christoph Bornschein | 53:46

Wie wird unser digitales Leben morgen aussehen? (German only)

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He is the founder and CEO of digital agency TLGG and advises companies and government institutions on the strategic use and benefits of digital technologies. He is also an investor, sits on a number of advisory boards and sheds light on economic issues as an author for various media. Basically, the ideal guest to talk to about the (missed) opportunities, challenges and future prospects of digitalisation.

Plus, he is also revealing what he’s not very good at, whether he would be willing to give up his smartphone for a month and which year of his life he would like to live all over again. Enjoy listening!