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What kind of politics do we need tomorrow? Podcast #14 feat. Aminata Touré

Published September 16th, 2020

Which political issues (finally) need to be tackled so we can start looking ahead to a better future? And what’s the status quo on equal opportunities here in Germany? A new episode of our “Über Morgen” podcast is out now – with politician Aminata Touré from the German Greens party as our special guest.

Climate change, racism, online hate, poverty and a lack of diversity as far as the eye can see – there are a whole host of topics that society as a whole still needs to address, however painful that may be, if we want to achieve a better tomorrow for us all. But we also need key political players to make these topics a priority on their agendas.

Like politician Aminata Touré from the Greens party, who can already look back on an impressive career – meanwhile 27, she became the youngest vice-president of a state parliament in Germany when she was just 24 years old.

Her main priorities are migration, anti-racism, gender equality, youth and queer politics. All topics that she not only supports in the plenary hall in Schleswig-Holstein, but also on Instagram, where she has around 75,000 followers. So good communication – which is probably more important than ever before – is definitely her thing. After all, political subjects need to be communicated so they reach as many people as possible.

How is she doing that and are there any limits to her version of a good future? What would she write if she could send a single tweet from Donald Trump’s Twitter account? And what is the one thing she would like to unlearn? Have a listen to find out!

Podigee Podcast | Aminata Touré | 01:02:11

Was für eine Politik brauchen wir morgen? (German only)

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Photo credit: Alina Schessler