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How do we want to show attitude tomorrow? Podcast # 10 with Daria Daria

Published November 11th, 2019

An activist and entrepreneur, she is considered the “queen of sustainability”. Anna and Jakob talked to Madeleine Alizadeh, aka DariaDaria, about showing attitude.

She has more than 260,000 followers on Instagram, she’s a podcaster, author, an entrepreneur with her own fashion label, speaks in front of the European Parliament, holds ted-talks and was a symbolic candidate for the Greens in the Austrian National Council elections. What do you talk about with such a Renaissance woman?

Anna and Jakob decided on the subject of attitude. That’s because it runs through Madeleine Alizadeh’s entire actions. In the current podcast she explains how she always adopts new topics and considers intuition her “superpower”. But she also talks about the downsides of being famous, about the hatred and malice that sometimes strike her - and how she deals with it. You’re seeing a smart, self-confident and reflective woman, of whom we will certainly hear much more. Jakob asks her in a podcast whether she could imagine becoming Austrian chancellor one day. We’re not revealing the answer yet. But it also shows, of course, attitude!

Incidentally, the episode # 10 of our podcast is the first we recorded live in front of an audience in the concept store of the Berlin fashion label Folkdays. As always, you can hear the episode on Spotify, iTunes or right here on the blog. Have fun!

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