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Help for Ukraine – How we can make a contribution together

Published March 2nd, 2022

Provide fast and uncomplicated support for the people in Ukraine with Tomorrow.

There have been continuous violent conflicts in Ukraine for a number of years now. With Putin waging his war of aggression against the country, the situation has now dramatically escalated and brought incredible suffering upon Ukraine. Not only are hundreds of thousands now fleeing in search of safety, but there are also many Ukrainians still in the country because they are unable to, or don’t want to leave.

As the supply situation intensifies, more and more basic necessities are lacking every day. And the ones who are suffering the most in this conflict are the weakest members of society, including children.

That’s why in the past few days, we have made it possible for us all to do our bit to support the people there:

in the Tomorrow app, you will now find a donation feature that enables you to donate money quickly and easily to UNICEF. 

Donations for Ukraine – how the money will be used

The UNICEF organization focuses on providing opportunities for children. And our mission at Tomorrow is to create a better future for everyone. What kind of a world will the children of today grow up in? Which values are they are taught? How safe can they feel? All of this will significantly determine the future. That’s why we have decided to raise money for the children in this humanitarian crisis with UNICEF.

UNICEF is one of the aid organizations that has been operating in Ukraine since the conflict began eight years ago and it has built up a good network with partners there. As an established organization, it can provide effective assistance on the ground. The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund is standing by the children of Ukraine and supplying families with important relief aid such as medication, blankets, towels, and fuel.

And of course 100% of the money will be transferred directly to UNICEF’s IBAN number. It’s just as if you would donate on the UNICEF website – but a lot easier and more convenient directly via our app.

Where you can find the feature in the Tomorrow app

How it works: Update your app to the latest version. Open the app. Click on “Send money”. Select the top saved contact (UNICEF.) and then enter the amount you wish to donate. Confirm the transaction and select whether you wish to receive a donation receipt or not. Done!