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Our success is your profit

3,535,400 €
collected by 3,532 people
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Invest / Crowdinvesting 2022 / Campaign Video

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We know: For real changes we need to join forces. With a successful crowd investing in 2022, the crowd will have invested more money in Tomorrow than professional investors. The founders of Tomorrow are planning on creating an additional seat for crowdinvestors on the advisory board, which will be assigned to a representative chosen by the board.

The last two rounds of Crowdinvesting were unique. You snatched the virtual shares out of our hands in the shortest amount of time. You enabled us to continue with the necessary focus and independence. And we still have a lot of plans for Tomorrow!

Our money is stained with courage: The Deutsche Bank is financing the longest heated oil pipeline in the wolrd in Uganda with $ 1.8 billion. And that while they publicly advocate for sustainability. Luisa Neubauer says: Olympia grade greenwashing. We say: Time to do better.

Our general conditions

Your contribution You can invest between 100 and 25,000 euros. The easiest way to do this is as a Tomorrow customer.

Your return You get at least the annual 5% at the end of the term. But: As soon as we generate profits to be distributed, you will get your share. Likewise, if there is an IPO or company sale.

Duration At the end of the minimum duration of 5 years, you can cancel at any time. Of course, if you don't cancel and stick with it for full 10 years, your chances of a higher return increase.

Our answers to your questions

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Risk notice: Acquiring this security entails significant risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested sum.

We enable our crowdinvest together with our partner WIWIN. WIWIN is an online platform for sustainable investing. There, capital investments in the areas of renewable energies, sustainable startups and energy-efficient real estate are brokered. Detailed information can be found here. Our partner WIWIN is contractually bound to Effecta as an investment broker.