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What good is growth if nothing is growing anymore?

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Our bank invest and lends only to sustainable companies and projects.

We are currently working flat out on our sustainable, digital investment advice (often called Robo-Advisor in industry jargon, a portmanteau of “robot” and “advisor”). We can already make one big promise today: no cent of your money will flow into yesterday’s questionable industries.

Regardless of whether you want to purchase equity funds, microfinance funds or other savings products from us in the future, they will all meet a detailed “negative criteria catalogue” that goes far beyond what is common in the banking market.

In concrete terms, this means - we say “no” to all these transactions:

Weapons and arms

Nuclear power: production of nuclear energy, core components for nuclear power plants

Genetic engineering: genetically modified seeds or animals

The operation of coal-fired power plants

The financing of new coal-fired power stations

The extraction of crude oil, coal or lignite


Trade in coal-based electricity

Tobacco, alcohol, gambling, pornography

Violation of human rights and labour law violations

The destruction of ecosystems

Corruption and accounting fraud

Industrial animal husbandry

Speculation with food stocks

Tomorrow is a B Corp.

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B Corp Logo

Tomorrow is a B Corp.

More about the certification