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We’re updating our prices and offering a discounted annual fee

Published December 3, 2023

From March 2024, we will be increasing the monthly charges for our Tomorrow accounts and offering a new discounted annual fee as another payment option. Plus: in December, we have a special discounted offer for everyone who decides to switch to the annual payment. In the article, we reveal exactly what’s changing.

New updated prices in 2024

As of March 1, 2024, we are increasing the prices of our three account models as follows:

  • Now: will cost €4/month

  • Change: will cost €8/month

  • Zero: will cost €17/month

—> These prices are valid from March 1, 2024. Until then, the current prices, which you can find here, will apply.

Why are the prices going up?  

We want to offer you the best possible product that is sustainable across the board – with features that make daily life and organizing your finances a whole lot easier. This requires a lot of hard work and passion on our side, but also a pricing system for our accounts that is both fair and realistic.

What else is new? We are offering another payment option that will save you money

As well as the monthly payment option you are already familiar with, we are now offering an additional way to pay. From now on, you can choose to pay the account fee for Now, Change and Zero in advance – annually and at a reduced price – and therefore save the costs for one month, which means that you’ll only be paying for 11 months instead of 12. 

But what does that look like exactly?

Here’s an example:

  • From March 1, 2024, our Change account will cost €8 a month.

  • If you pay for your Change account one year in advance, the annual price will be €87.

  • That works out at €7.25 a month. 

—> So, by paying the total annual fee in one go, you will save money over the course of the year.

By the way: you remain flexible even with the annual payment. You can cancel your account at any time.

Our discounted annual price still isn’t the right option for you? No problem – of course you can still carry on paying for your account monthly as usual.

Our early-bird offer: Save BIG in December!

You can switch to annual payment any time you like, but it’s even more worth your while in December 2023. Until December 31, 2023, we have a special offer up our sleeves for you and it looks like this:

pay for 11 months, get 12 months – at the current prices!

That means that for your Change account, for example, if you select the annual payment in the Tomorrow app in December, you’ll pay just €77 for a whole year. That works out at €6.42 per month – which is less than you’re currently paying for your account each month. 

This is our way of saying thank you to our long-standing customers and also giving new customers the opportunity to get to know Tomorrow with discounted rates for one year. 

Want to take a look now? Then head on over to the Tomorrow app where you can choose whether you want to carry on paying for your account monthly or switch to the discounted annual fee for big savings.

All changes from 30.11.2023 and 1.03.2024 can be found here in the FAQs.