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We're beta, you're brilliant.

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The public beta phase, to which we invited about 300 users, has been running for a few weeks now. Around half of them have now opened an account - and are testing what they can do. Time for us to say a big “thank you” - and give you a little update.

“Dear beta gals and guys First of all, I’m sorry we haven’t been in touch for a while. Although, that’s not really true. Our excellent colleague Clara has the impression that she’s has exchanged instant messages, phone calls and emails with at least half of you every day. Simultaneously. Be that as it may… finally, we present our collected feedback on your feedback.

You’re just the best. And the hardest working.

We knew it before, now it’s official: we have the best banking beta community in the world. The ideas and suggestions for improvement you have given us over the last few weeks are really impressive. We’re still quite busy processing this flood of input. We would have liked to give you an update earlier, and we promise to get better. A small extract from the state of play here:

TM_Facts Figures_EN.jpg

A lot still remains to be done.

Admittedly: After our internal beta phase in July, we had secretly hoped that we had already discovered and eliminated most of the bugs in the app. But then you came and taught us otherwise. But hey, that’s what a beta phase is for. You’ve discovered lots of little “bugs” and shown us that we have to do a lot better.

We were able to solve many small issues within a very short time - from the cut-off name on the Mastercard, to problems with setting the citizenship, to our system’s puzzling opinion that “31 December” could not be a date of birth.

What we’re working on right now:

  1. In rare cases, your transactions were displayed as completed for a short time even though a card payment was not successful (e.g. due to lack of funds or wrong PIN). We will find a solution in the next few days.

  2. Video identification by means of IDnow is problematic: Some users had/have long waiting times at IDnow and the identification sometimes hasn’t worked. Here, we are currently discussing with the service provider how we can optimise the process. We will keep you up to date. Thank you for your patience.

  3. Time delay in the automatic categorisation of payments: Currently, your payments are only delayed under Insights, and therefore not displayed in “real-time”. We will find a solution in the next few days.

  4. For security reasons, payment or cash withdrawal with PIN entry must first be made before the contactless payment function works. Here, we will give future users a clearer instructions so that they know in advance.

A new place for your feedback. So, far we have been receiving your feedback on all channels. That will remain the case. There will even be another channel added - and we would like to recommend it to you, especially for the future. We have set up a forum on the website.

The forum will allow us to discuss things with you in a much more structured way in the future - and with each other as well. A basic framework of categories already exists, and we can create many more together. We have also listed some of the most common “bugs” there, so that you know what we are already working on. We will be happy to add further topics as soon as possible! In addition, we would like to move part of the “engine room” there, as Trello is only suitable for discussions to a limited extent.

If you have discovered a concrete problem on the app, for which you need direct feedback from us, please continue to send an email to - this is the fastest way for us to react.

But if you want to discuss current or future features with us and other beta users, -> off to the forum. We would like to relieve our Facebook group and the Twitter account a little so that other (non-technical) topics can come to the fore here again.

Finally, once again, because we can’t say it often enough: A thousand thanks for your feedback and support, we appreciate that very much. The work here at the beta house is at least twice as much fun with such a community behind you.

That’s enough of the sentimentalism. Let’s get our noses back to the grindstone.

Your Tomorrow Team”