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save forest with tomorow credit card

A credit card that plants trees?

With every transaction, our – that is, your – money is doing some good: because our Mastercard can plant trees. How do we manage this? We take the fees that, unknown to the customer, are payable on each transaction, and, instead of keeping them, we use them for a good cause. So, these fees go straight to climate protection.

Specifically, our forest protection project is located in Portel, Brazil. Over 178,000 hectares of Amazon rainforest are protected from logging here. This deforestation is facilitated by weak state regulation of land use rights, and quickly growing infrastructure on the land and the waterways. These threatened areas are actually inhabited and used by local populations living a traditional lifestyle. They live there in poverty, and, through deforestation, lose their already sparse livelihoods, as they live from subsistence farming, the wood trade and fishing. To prevent logging, the forest area is divided up into smaller land parcels which are then kept under surveillance. The local population is a part of this: they are trained in monitoring. In this way, as well as protecting the forest, the project creates jobs.


The Tomorrow card can do even more – it can treat water for drinking! In various places in Uganda, clean drinking water is provided by drilling and maintaining holes. The water then doesn’t have to be boiled in order to drink it safely. This reduces CO2 emissions. Because the support provided should form a holistic whole, the project also helps to build efficient ovens which need less firewood than typical cooking methods, and thus emit less CO2. An important aspect here is the great improvement in people’s health, as the consumption of untreated drinking water in sub-Saharan Africa often leads to deaths. At the same time, the practice of boiling water is also highly problematic, as the smoke produced often leads to health problems.


Whenever you use your credit card, you’re helping to support this important project. Together, we can make life more sustainable, socially and ecologically responsible. Let’s do it!

17 August 2018