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About the Tomorrow project.

About the
Tomorrow project.

We started this project because we want to contribute to a better, more sustainable future. We believe that money can be part of the solution. For this to happen, something has to change in the world of finance. We buy organic vegetables, use green electricity, and eye up electric cars with increasing interest. So far, so good. But how sustainable is our money? The answer is pretty sobering. While we carry around our Fair Trade, lactose-free cappuccino in a reusable cup, our money is in the bank and might be financing a new coal-fired power plant or a GM food company's expansion into Africa. Sounds over the top, but it's absolutely true. It's time to turn the tables.


We call this project Tomorrow. And we start today. To start with, from November 2018 we will be offering a completely up to the minute account for all those who have a smartphone in their hands and a healthy moral compass at their core. In the future, we will also develop a comprehensive digital platform for all aspects of finance with a positive impact. Insurances, pensions, micro-credits - we familiarise ourselves with the entire financial spectrum, look into every niche and tap into sustainable opportunities.

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»Technology must not be an end in itself. Real change begins where the impact of money is concerned.«


At Tomorrow, not a single cent goes into armaments, coal-fired power or genetic engineering. We promise. We only finance sustainable projects - here you can learn more about our impact strategy. Every time you use your Tomorrow card, you're also making an active contribution to climate protection. This is how we create a better tomorrow, day after day. And so that you know exactly where the money is working, there is the Impact Board: There you can see in real time what ecological, social and economic impact the Tomorrow community is achieving.


It's not polite to talk about money. We beg to differ. We would like to develop banking of tomorrow together with you. Our engine room is open to everyone and everyone - and you can see which features we are currently working on there. And in the forum we are in 24/7 exchange with you about what tomorrow should look like - technically, ethically and organisationally. And because we not only want to build a sustainable bank, but also leave a positive footprint in all areas of our activities, we have a clearly defined canon of values that is firmly anchored in our Articles of Association. Currently, we are working towards certification as B-Corp, a special designation for ethical businesses.

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A current account, made for your smartphone. Open it in 10 minutes whilst out and about, no paperwork or formal hurdles. Tomorrow can do everything an account needs to do, and much besides: from transfers and standing orders to the ability to change your PIN, and smart features like a digital budget which automatically categorises your outgoings. For full control, this all happens in real time: push notifications for every transaction, and insight at any time into the impact made by the Tomorrow community.

»We want to develop the project in close cooperation with our most important partners. That is, with you.«