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Banking shouldn’t cost the earth

We believe that money can be part of the solution. While we make a conscious effort to buy organic vegetables and use green electricity, the money we have sitting in the bank might be financing a new coal-fired power station. Although it might sound over the top, that’s the harsh reality. It’s time to turn the tables!

Tomorrow is an independent project, initiated by the founders Michael, Inas und Jakob. Today, we are a team of 40+ employees – with already 40k+ customers on board. Together with you we want to develop a bank that changes the course of the entire industry.

At Tomorrow, not a cent goes into armaments, coal power and co. We exclusively finance sustainable and social projects. The more we are, the greater the joint positive influence. By the way, you can view this at any time in the app.

Together with you, we want to develop the banking of tomorrow. And we are in communication with you 24/7 about how Tomorrow should look like – technically, ethically and organisationally.

Tomorrow offers you modern smartphone banking. We use state-of-the art technology to match your 21th century expections. Sign up from wherever you are – without paperwork or administrative hurdles.

As certified B Corporation, we balance purpose and profit. We commit ourselves to consider the impact of our decisions on our stakeholders, community, and the environment.

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Tomorrow is a B Corp.

More about the certification
B Corp Logo
B Corp Logo

Tomorrow is a B Corp.

More about the certification