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Sustainability Report 2021

How money can be invested in a good future. Our impact in 2021.

Our founders at work (from left to right): Michael Schweikart, Inas Nureldin und Jakob Berndt.

Our annual Sustainability Report gives us an opportunity to report extensively on our figures, targets and the impact of our efforts to use money for positive change.
Inas Nureldin

We decide today what form our tomorrow will take.

With every investment and every euro that is sitting in our current accounts. That’s why Tomorrow doesn’t invest a single cent in coal, factory farming or other industries that destroy the planet.

And as a community, we are also having a positive impact on the climate and us as a global community.

We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved together in 2021:

Impact investments: € 60,100,000

Customer deposits: € 310,000,000

Forest area protected: 26,752,164 qm

Clean drinking water: 35,116,071 liters

Amount of CO₂ offset: 134,354 t

Money rounded up: € 31,268

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Let’s not make the planet pay.

Letting stakeholders cash in until the planet burns? As we know that our planet is not for sale, we have included the environment as a stakeholder in our shareholder agreement. That’s how we ensure that everyone profits – and not at the expense of others.

Unfortunately, a lot of the big financial players are still massively co-financing the destruction of the planet. And they are doing that with the money in their customers’ accounts, often without them even knowing about it.

This is what the future looks like! In 2021 we increased our impact investments to over €60 million, more than doubling them. This money is working towards a tomorrow where renewable energies meet our needs, communities are designed for the long term, mobility concepts are varied and resources used sparingly.

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We move more than just money. It’s not only the environment that profits from our customers’ money that’s invested in climate protection projects in the Global South.

Such as the rainforest protection projects in Brazil that we support with our interchange fee and are helping the Ribeirinhos to officially secure land rights. Or the projects in Uganda and Eritrea, which mean that women and young girls in particular don’t have to spend as much time collecting firewood or boiling water.

Here you can find the impact of our individual projects in 2021 at a glance.

Certified sustainability: In 2021, we were named one of the best B Corps worldwide. And our customer support is what really cinched it for us. We are particularly proud of this, given that the idea of shaping something together as a community is an important part of Tomorrow’s DNA. After all, we firmly believe that the only way to bring about the change that the world needs right now is to work together.

If money is involved, the climate is affected. We ensure that money is always having a positive impact on people and the planet. Our new climate features that we launched in 2021:


Every purchase you make can be a statement for change.


Understanding your own carbon footprint and taking action to decrease it. (Update: Discontinued in July 2023)

Rounding Up

Let’s round up together for more climate justice.

‘Let’s do this together’ is one of our five core values at Tomorrow. For us, this also means that all our team members bring their unique skills and strengths to our table.

We are thrilled that so many of you are already accompanying us on our mission and helping us make such a big difference – and also that our team has grown to over 100 wonderful people in 2021.

So now you want to find out more and see all figures and insights?

Read our Sustainability Report here.

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