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Support the WWF with Tomorrow now!

Published June 2, 2024

We can achieve more together. That’s why Tomorrow is now supporting the work of WWF Germany – together with you! The focus is on nature conservation and protecting biodiversity. Read on to find out why Tomorrow and the WWF are the perfect match, and which measures we are using to support the environmental organization together with you as a community. 

Joining forces for nature and species conservation: Tomorrow x WWF

Humanity is facing massive changes to combat the climate crisis, adapt to the unavoidable consequences of global warming and the loss of biodiversity. Tomorrow and WWF are united by the conviction that real change is needed to tackle the climate and biodiversity crisis.

This is why we are delighted to announce that we have joined forces with the international environmental conservation organization WWF! And to do this, we are combining two of our strengths: our expertise in how money can be used as a lever for positive change and the know-how to systematically and globally tackle the destruction of the environment. 

While here at Tomorrow we channel money into sustainable industries, the preservation of ecosystems, and social projects, for 60 years now WWF has been working on a wide range of measures around the globe to preserve habitats and protect biodiversity as a way of helping people to live in harmony with nature. Together with you, our community, we will be doing our bit to ensure that this work can be carried out where it’s needed the most.

We also want to generate (even more) awareness about how our individual finance decisions can actually make a difference – through the power of many.

Protect the things that are close to your heart: Together with you, Tomorrow is supporting WWF

Money can help to create a good (and fair) future for us all. In the context of our partnership, this will happen in three different ways in the future:

  • With your Tomorrow account, with which the money in the customer accounts finances ecological and socially sustainable projects as usual.

  • The second is with the Wildlife debit card in the WWF design – because for every debit card ordered, Tomorrow will support the WWF’s work with €25. The WWF will then put this money to good use, where it is needed the most. This is extremely efficient for the WWF and enables them to react quickly – in emergency situations, for example.

  • With the rounding-up project “Unganisha”, for which you can now round up money and thus support nature conservation and biodiversity in East Africa.

Presenting the Rounding-Up project...

The Unganisha initiative is an ambitious nature conservation program by WWF in East Africa. Covering an area of around 134,000 square kilometers, the Unganisha region is around double the size of Switzerland and extends between Lake Victoria in the west of East Africa and the Indian Ocean in the east. 

The area faces a number of challenges, however, such as the rapid growth of the population, which is leading to grasslands being overgrazed by increasing numbers of cattle, forests being destroyed, and wilderness being turned into farmland. The situation is also being exacerbated by the repercussions of climate change, which are clearly being felt there: periods of drought are becoming a regular occurrence and lasting a lot longer. This is causing the people there to suffer, as well as their cattle and the region’s wild animals. 

The area is of vital importance for the protection of global biodiversity. One of the main aims of the program is therefore to connect existing nature reserves and ecosystems across borders via wildlife corridors to preserve the abundance of nature in this region for the future. 

And the people who live here are also heavily dependent on the functionality of the ecosystems, their biological diversity, and the natural services they provide. The WWF wants to help the people living there to lead a good life, without them having to destroy the nature around them in times of need. 

With your donations, you will be supporting measures to restore woodland areas, stabilize biodiversity, and ensure a secure income for the people living there. Find out more about the project and the specific goals that we want to achieve with the Tomorrow community here.

How you can join Tomorrow in supporting the work of the WWF

For everyone who wants to join us in supporting the work of the WWF, there’s no time like the present! 

  • Select your card and place your order

  • Activate the Rounding Up feature and round up your payments to support biodiversity in East Africa

Please note: Of course you can also continue using the Tomorrow card you already have, but still support the conservation project by rounding up your payments. 

Photocredits cover picture: Robert Styppa