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Tomorrow Impact Update – Q2 | 2022

Published July 26th, 2022

New quarter, new impact update! In figures, graphics and with fascinating insights, we are showing you what we have achieved together for people and the planet in the last few months through sustainable banking with Tomorrow.

Impact from the money in your accounts  

The money in your Tomorrow accounts is being used to finance renewable energies, climate-friendly transport, better education, affordable housing and sustainable communities. Basically, a good future worth living in for us all. That happens through the impact investments, which some of our customer deposits are channeled into. This is how they are divided up:

Impact with every card payment

The only way to preserve biodiversity is with a healthy ecosystem. That’s why we are joining forces to restore healthy habitats where they are urgently needed: in the Global South.

Every time you pay with your Tomorrow card in a store, a small fee is paid to us by the retailer. And we are directing part of this fee into a renaturation project in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. So the more often you pay using your Tomorrow card, the more ecosystems we can work to protect. Sustainable banking at its best! Find out more about the project here. Here is our collective impact from the last three months:

Impact from our account model Zero

As our carbon emissions are clearly contributing to global warming and therefore to the climate crisis, saving CO2 is one of our main goals. That’s why our Tomorrow account model Zero offsets the average carbon footprint of a person in Germany – around 11 tons a year. We also support projects in the Global South that benefit the people living there.

At the moment, that includes a drinking water project in Eritrea and support for smallholder farmers in Peru. The more of our users who switch to Zero, the bigger the difference we can make for people and the planet.

Impact from our Rounding Up feature

With our Rounding Up feature, you can round up any payment you make with your Tomorrow card to the nearest euro – meaning that your remaining cents are donated to climate justice projects. The great thing about it is that while this isn’t a lot of money for any of us individually, it does add up to a substantial total. In the second quarter we supported our third project: together with NIDISI gGmbH we are raising funds for the recycling infrastructure in Nepal. The project is almost fully financed – stay tuned next quarter to find out more! 

Additional impact from donations

In February, we were shocked to hear the news of the war being waged against Ukraine. To offer our support, we set up a donation feature that enables you to easily donate money to UNICEF to provide fast help, for children in particular.And you’re still keeping the donations coming, which we certainly don’t take for granted. Amazing work! 

In other impact news...

We have some great news to conclude:

this year we were once again named by B Lab as a Best B Corp for the World in the “Customers” category!

We are incredibly proud to be among these sustainable companies as the distinction is only given to those who can fulfil very strict criteria. Find out more about B Lab’s work here.

Find our Impact Update for Q1 | 2022. 

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