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What will the meaning of home be tomorrow? Podcast #17 feat. Linda Zervakis

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portrait of linda zervakis

Does home really need to be a place? Why do we tend to pigeonhole people and put them in boxes? And how much do our family roots define us? A new episode of our Über Morgen podcast – with Linda Zervakis as our guest.

When we talk about home, do we mean a feeling or a place? And how much does that fluctuate? In our latest episode, we discussed the answers to all these questions with the wonderful Linda Zervakis. She is a host, author, podcaster and newsreader. And those of you live in Germany will have spotted her on prime-time TV at 8:00 pm in the “Tagesschau” news show, where she has been reading the news since 2013.

Linda is from Hamburg and has Greek roots. Her parents came to Germany in the 1960s as immigrant workers. And when she was hired to work for the “Tagesschau”, that fact became a big issue, with pretty much every report about her in the media emphasising the fact that she has a migration background. Personally, she can’t really understand why people make such a big deal of it.

We chatted to her about why that is the case, what she found out about the concept of identity in her “Gute Deutsche” (Good German) podcast and what “home” means for her. But also about why she still lives with existential fear despite her career success, why too much voluntary compliance won’t help us in the climate crisis, why we tend to pigeonhole people and whether a quota is necessary for more diversity.

She is also telling us about the last time she found it difficult to keep a straight face while reading the news, what she would say to her younger self if she had the chance and what she would love to be an expert on, but unfortunately doesn’t have a clue about.

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Enjoy listening!

Photo Credit: Elissavet Patrikiou

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