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We can carry on growing!

Published November 21st, 2019

Good news: We’ve raised € 8.5 million to further our vision of sustainable finance.

We have come to make the world a bit better. So that your money does not flow into dirty energy, mass animal husbandry or weapons, but instead works as a force for good: protects the rainforest, enables microcredit or finances the energy transition. Our sustainable current account should be just the beginning. In the longterm, we want to develop a digital platform for finances with a positive impact. And we want to get the topic out of the margins and into the mainstream of society. Inshort: We want to bring sustainable change to the financial economy.

In order to do that, we need partners who share our values and our vision. Believing in us and entrusting us with their money, so that we can continue to grow. It is therefore a big step for us to successfully complete our first major round of financing. In total, we have collected 8.5 million euros from impact investors, that is, those investors who want to use their capital for social and environmental change. They include the London Environmental Technologies Fund (ETF), which invests in innovative,sustainable companies. Also involved is the entrepreneur and energy transitionpioneer Matthias Willenbacher. He expanded the company juwi into the largest projectdeveloper for renewable energy systems in Germany. Today, he is a partner in more than a dozen sustainable startups.

What does this finance mean for us? Of course, we are delighted by the confidence of the investors. But the money is not an end in itself for us. Only if we use it as a lever to drive positive change will we live up to our mission. That is why it is so important to us that we find partners who are as interested in the transformation of the financial industry as we are. Those are not about quick profits, but sustainable change.

In concrete terms, we want to gain a foothold next year beyond Germany in other European countries, and drive change in the financial sector there as well. We are currently looking for country managers in France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Austria. And we want to expand our offer significantly. Among other things, with a premium account, which lays on a sustainability in terms of sustainability again. Moreon that soon. Await it with excitement!#

22th of november 2019