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How can banking be conveyed in art form? A glimpse behind the scenes

Published June 11th, 2020

Tomorrow has had a makeover! And central to this new design are the paintings by Berlin artist collective PLATFORM. But what was the process behind them?

Here at Tomorrow we have been saying for a while now that we wanted a design that reflects our mission and our approach to sustainable digital banking even more than our old one did. A design that vividly illustrates how we want to change the finance world for the better by making money part of the solution. Because money serves society – and not the other way around. And what better time to usher in a new era than now?

But first we first had to work out what this could look like in specific terms. So we joined forces with Social Social, a Berlin creative agency that specialises in communication for social causes. And then when Berlin artist duo PLATFORM came on board and happily took on the exciting challenge of translating our definition of banking into art, we knew right away that we were onto a winner!

From the canvas to the app

How did the artists approach the task at hand? We spoke to Friedemann and Lukas to find out:

What was important to you during the whole development process?

“It was important to us to create authentic visuals for Tomorrow that reflect the values the company stands for. We wanted the images to convey a sense of the world of tomorrow and yet still come across as down-to-earth and thought-provoking and also have a human touch.”

What appealed to you about the project?

“Putting banking in a positive, never-seen-before context was an exciting challenge for us. Tomorrow is rethinking the whole concept of banking and so to highlight that we also designed new and unusual visuals to reflect this new form of banking.”

How did you approach the subject of banking?

“To begin with, the contents we were asked to illustrate were of course still somewhat abstract for us. But we were instantly able to identify with the values that Tomorrow stands for.”

How did you set to work?

“We started by collecting ideas for visuals. For example, we invited a group of friends to meet at a small market and just hang out so we could take photos of them. We cut out these photos and stuck them together to make collages and then painted over them and added graphic elements. That gave us our visuals, which we then transferred onto canvas with acrylic paint.”

How do you like our all new and improved look?