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Farewell, bad banks. We are Tomorrow! Are you with us?

Published October 13th, 2020

Fancy investing in the future? We are starting a crowdinvesting campaign and letting you participate in Tomorrow’s success. Because we want to write our story with you.

We have set out to make sustainable banking mainstream. And together with you, we have already set the wheels in motion – wheels that the bad banks of this world can no longer stop. Because we have already achieved so much!

Within two years, Tomorrow has been turned from a vision into a reality – with more than 50 employees, over 40,000 customers, almost 20 million euros in impact investments and the protection of over 70 million m² of rainforest – and the first account in the world that offsets your CO₂ footprint. And in 2020 we also became part of the global B Corp network.

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Become a good banker!

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So we are well on the way to revolutionising the banking world. And now we are taking the next step and launching a crowdinvesting opportunity that you can all participate in.

Why Tomorrow wants to have you on board

Our Tomorrow community isn’t just any old group of stakeholders for us. You are our harshest critics and, at the same time, also our most loyal friends. You never tire of giving us your valuable input. That’s what drives us – and it also really means a lot to us!

After all, the tasks of shaping a fair, sustainable future and making money part of the solution rather than the problem are ones that we can – and must – solve together. And that is precisely why we are now giving you the opportunity to become our partners. At fair conditions and on an equal footing.

It’s important to us that as many of you as possible can participate and not only those with big fat wallets – which is why you can also come on board with as little as 100 euros.

So what is crowdinvesting exactly?

Crowdinvesting enables many investors to invest in a certain project and receive a share of the profits in return. So unlike crowdfunding, which is more a kind of donation, investors have a long-term involvement in a project and receive more than just a one-off benefit.

Are you ready to become a good banker?

Want to know more? Find out everything you need to know here.

Important to know: Of course we believe in Tomorrow’s success and vision and are firmly convinced that we will go on to achieve so much more. Nevertheless, there is always a certain level of risk associated with investments. That’s why it is essential that you don’t invest money that you are dependent on (on a day to day basis). And even more importantly: before choosing to invest, make sure you read our Investment Brochure carefully for a detailed explanation of not only the potential gains, but also the possible risks.

If you decide to become an investor, it goes without saying that we want to keep you in the loop. That’s why, twice a year, we will be arranging an exclusive meet-up that is digital and easily accessible. With this format we want to keep you updated on the developments at Tomorrow and regularly answer any questions you may have.