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Hello, autumn! 5 reasons why you should do a finance check today

Published October 26th, 2021

Your most important to-dos for autumn: make yourself cosy, have a cup of tea – and take the time to examine your finances. Find out here what you need to do and why you need to do it. Let’s get started:

Now is the best time to straighten up your finances and – if you haven’t already done so – make the move to sustainable banking. The reasons why are very simple: your bank balance will thank you for it, the climate will thank you for it and next year’s plans will become a reality rather than just a pipe dream. Sounds good? Then what are you waiting for?

1. Autumn is the perfect time for it

Autumn is the season for winding down. As soon as winter arrives, we start making plans for next year. So if you take the time to cut the clutter and sort out your finances now, you’ll be well prepared for all your future plans, which usually aren’t possible without money or some kind of financial bolster. And the chances are that most of us will find room for improvement when it comes to our bank balance. Some of our outgoings, whether big or small, are mainly down to habit and there is often a good alternative you can opt for instead.

2. Your account will be in even better shape next year

Just before the end of the year is the ideal time for a finance check: what have you spent the most money on in the last few months and why, which insurance or subscription is far too expensive – and what do you want to stop spending money on altogether? Basically, where can you still make savings without having to make too many restrictions or going without completely?

You can find insights into your spending in our budget book in the app. If you need more help with getting your budget under control, we have a few more important tips for you here.

3. Our planet will thank you for it

You can make good decisions for the environment every single day. The simplest and most effective one is by switching to sustainable finance! You need a current account anyway, so why not opt for a sustainable account to make sure your money is financing renewable energies and new mobility rather than coal and weapons? All banks use your money to invest but it’s up to you to decide whether that money goes towards things that fit in with your values. And because the climate crisis won’t wait, neither should you.

4. Time to take the next big step

Once you have your finances in order, you will have the perfect basis for next year and all your new plans. You could even organise a little savings challenge for you and your friends and add any extra savings to an emergency nest egg or rainy-day fund. In case you have one of those already, you could use the money for something else – such as sustainable investments for example. That won’t only benefit your future, but also do a lot more for the climate than just reducing plastic or not driving a car. Basically, it’s a win-win scenario. And we’ll be offering consistently sustainable investment products very soon too. Sign up for our newsletter here.

5. Time to finally tackle the problem 

Yeah, yeah, we get it: there are much more interesting things you’d rather be doing right now. But at least once a year you should sit down and do a finance check – simply because the benefits are huge! Such as having more money in your pocket to enjoy all the finer things in life. And once it’s done, you can get back to bingeing your favourite TV series. Deal? Deal.

Speaking of which, do you know what you would get out of investing the monthly fee you usually spend on your Netflix subscription in sustainable projects instead? It’s quite impressive.

Your most important financial To Do: Open an account with Tomorrow and protect the climate with every purchase. Download the Tomorrow app now and get started right away!

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