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Use our bank comparison tool to compare how sustainable your current bank is compared to Tomorrow.

Invite friends and get 1 free month

The more we are, the more money we can get to the good side and invest it in the industries of the future. Invite your friends to Tomorrow!

Do you already use Tomorrow?

Then it's your turn now: Invite your friends to Tomorrow! For every successful invitation, you and your friend will each get 1 free month.

Share your invitation code

Open your Tomorrow app, go to your profile and click “Invite friends”. You’ll get a personal invitation code you can share.

Your code has been used

When a friend registers through your link, you’ll get a notification.

Claim your reward

For every successful invitation you and your friend get 1 free month. Plus for both of you 3m² of land will be renaturated in South Africa 🌱

How to convince your friends

Do you want to convince your friends to open an account with Tomorrow, but don't want to explain for the hundredth time why it doesn't matter where their money is? Then our founder Jakob can help you. With an audio message from him personally, you're sure to get your friends on the good side. And with an Instagram story template, you can educate your entire circle of friends with just a few clicks.

Good reasons to recommend Tomorrow

Most banks invest your money in coal power and weapons. We rather invest it in sustainable projects that protect the climate.

For 10€ you pay with the Tomorrow card, you restore 1 wheelbarrow of habitat.

Together with you, we want to develop the banking of the future. Therefore, we are always happy to get your feedback, questions and ideas.

Every time someone joins the Tomorrow community thanks to you, that’s your positive impact.

Thank you!