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Absolutely incredible! Thanks to you, our crowdinvesting was a huge success.

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We’re absolutely blown away! No sooner had our crowdinvesting campaign begun, it was already over – because after just 300 minutes we had reached a total of 3 million euros.

For the last few weeks we had been working towards our crowdinvesting campaign and counting down the days. And then yesterday, the time had finally come. As soon as the clock struck noon, our community had the opportunity to invest in us and therefore become a part of Tomorrow and participate in our success.

And you certainly made the most of the opportunity! Demand was so huge that after a short time we decided to increase our original target sum of 2 million euros to 3 million. But that new target was also reached very quickly – so quickly, in fact, that not everyone who wanted to invest was able to. In just 300 minutes we had reached a total of 3 million euros from over 2,000 investors and had to close the floodgates. That means, together with you, we broke the record time for investments of this magnitude.

We can’t thank you all enough – for your confidence in us and your support. You’re all fantastic!

Our crowdinvesting is done – what’s next?

As the money will also be used to finance the development of new products, now it’s time to carry out all the new projects we already have in the pipeline – including a specially created sustainable investment product that will be launched on the market next year, for example. But we won’t be stopping there…

To keep you updated on all the latest developments, we’ll be organising an exclusive digital and easily accessible meet-up for all our investors twice a year. This is where you’ll find out all the latest news and we will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. We’re already looking forward to it and of course all our new good bankers!

Bad banks belong to bad bankers – Tomorrow belongs to you!

Tomorrow ist eine B Corp.

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B Corp Logo

Tomorrow ist eine B Corp.

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