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What will families need tomorrow? Podcast #16 feat. Teresa Bücker

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Portrait of Teresa Bücker

What’s the best way to juggle working and raising a family? How can we finally escape the feeling of never being able to please everyone? And do politicians even have the challenges facing families on their radar? We have the answers – in the latest episode of our Über Morgen podcast. In this episode we are talking to journalist and columnist Teresa Bücker.

What do families need? Of course there are a lot of very different answers to this question – but there are also certain needs and hurdles that many families have in common. Time is always an issue, for example. Juggling a caring role with paid employment is still a huge challenge and the answer is usually: try to organise your time more efficiently – or manage on a smaller wage.

Are those really the only options? Thankfully not! What other solutions there are, what is making life so hard for families amid the coronavirus pandemic, why tax splitting for married couples is no longer in keeping with the times and what would change if we were to start talking to children differently about family – in this latest episode, we are covering all of those questions and more with the fantastic Teresa Bücker.

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Teresa is a journalist and columnist – and most of you will probably know her as an important feminist voice from Twitter or her column in the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper. With a focus on work, diversity and family, she investigates how our society at large deals with these aspects of life, how they are interrelated and why we aren’t always making the most of the opportunities available. So who better for us to talk to about a better tomorrow for families?

Plus, she is also revealing why a feminist view of the world is not only enriching but can also lighten the burden, along with which of her own personality traits she doesn’t like and the question that she would like to ask her older self. And at some point during our conversation, Teresa’s youngest child even makes an appearance – right on cue!

Have a listen!

Photocredit: Jasmin Schreiber.

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