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trello board control room Tomorrow

Welcome to the control room.

From now on, you can watch us at work. We have made a great Trello board especially for this purpose, which can be found here. Here you can browse (even anonymously), inform yourselves, and even join in.

Here you will find - now and in the future - all areas that we are already working on today or that we have added to our to-do list for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Some topics are not listed on the Trello board because they are not directly related to the direct and public core, the mobile, sustainable banking product (whose turn is it to water the plants?) or our strategic and organisational issues.

How does it work? Overall, we have five categories on the board:

1) Today - everything our team is currently working on, and what will be implemented in the coming weeks.

2) Tomorrow - everything that will be addressed in the coming months and/or is very complex to develop.

3) The day after tomorrow - everything we want to work towards.

4) Ideas from the community - everything that comes from you (through different channels).

5) Done - everything that has already been implemented and is now available in the app.

You can find the complete instructions in the first ticket (that’s what they call the little cards) on the Trello board itself.

We need you! You can vote for all of the tickets you see here and this is very important to us. If something appeals to you: like like like! Important: You must be registered with Trello. The techies among you probably already are anyway. The all-clear applies to everyone else: you can use it without having to feed your data to the usual hungry data monsters. It is also important that you leave us feedback in the comments field (Trello registration required).

Do you have any more ideas for the Tomorrow control room? Let’s hear them, as soon as possible! For technical reasons this is not (yet) possible directly in Trello. Please send us a short mail to and we will put it in there. The same applies to ideas that reach us via Facebook. or by telephone: Or carrier pigeon. Anything goes. We look forward to your thoughts and support.

14 August 2018