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We want to reward you.

People of Tomorrow, we are your biggest fans. Right from the start, you’ve supported the project as if it were your own, and you’ve been telling the world about the happy news of the sustainable and mobile account. For that, we want to reward you from now on. And I mean properly spoil you.

With the new “invite friends” feature, we protect 100 trees in the Brazilian rain forest in your name for each friend who opens an account on your recommendation. The more people come on board, the more your personal Impact Board will boom. The climate will be grateful.

But that’s not all. If 3 of your friends open an account, we’ll give you a * drum roll * Tomorrow sweater. What does it look like? This.


In addition to the fresh look, this enviable piece is of course vegan, produced from sustainable cotton and traded fairly.

Here’s how it works:

  • Use the Friends Invite feature in the app via the + icon in the center of the homescreen.
  • Send the message via WhatsApp, mail or other messenger services to those friends, who you think really need to open an account with Tomorrow.
  • Remind them to use your individual activation code when signing up.
  • Follow in the app how many of the referrals have been successful and watch your Impact Board grow.
  • After 3 successful recommendations you will receive a mail from us - and we will then confirm size, model, address - that’s it.

So, let’s get going. Invite your friends, protect the Brazilian rainforest and you’ll soon be the proud owner of a Tomorrow sweater.

28 April 2019