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Tomorrow calls for legal bank robbery

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Robbing a bank? Yes, but for a good cause! The goal: to take away as much money as possible from conventional banks so that it flows into sustainable projects. Join the #BankraubForGood.

On 30 October, it’s World Savings Day again. Especially those children who bring their savings to the bank on this day, often receive small gifts such as balloons, stuffed animals or a new money box as a reward. However, what the banks don’t explain to their children - or their grown-up customers - is exactly what happens to their money afterwards. That, for example, it can also go towards climate-damaging energy production, the deforestation of the rainforest or the production of weapons.

Tomorrow is therefore calling for World Savings Day to be turned on its head this year. Instead of giving money to conventional banks, we take it away from them - making sure that it doesn’t do any harm, but benefits sustainable projects. Under the slogan “Rob Your Money and Change the World”, the campaign starts today and will end on World Savings Day on October 30th. Until then, as many customers as possible should transfer as much money as possible from a conventional to a sustainable account. Of course we’ll be happy if you decide over the course of the campaign that you want to go for Tomorrow. But it’s also perfectly okay if you transfer your money to another sustainable provider. The main thing is that your money goes towards projects that enable positive change.

For the campaign to be a success, we need you as accomplices! Transfer your money to a sustainable account - and share the campaign hashtag #BankraubForGood with your friends, so that as many people as possible can find out about it. All the details can be found on