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Tomorrow at the z2x-festival

We were guests at the “Festival of New Visionaries”, organised by Zeit Online. Z2X is a community of people aged 2X, from 20 to 29. They share the best ideas for improving the world - or their own lives. Once a year they meet at the big Z2X-Festival in Berlin - and at local events in many cities. Since 2016, Z2X has held events in Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Essen and Frankfurt.


Last weekend, it was time to meet again, and more than 1,000 young visionaries made their way to Berlin’s Radialsystem cultural centre to work on their ideas - and listen to those of others. The excellent Sophie Passmann spoke about feminism, Kevin Kuehnert answered questions from the Z2X community, Flavia Kleiner introduced the Swiss “Operation Libero” … and hundreds of still unknown new projects were developed and discussed.


We were not just passive, but active participants, presenting the Tomorrow project on a big stage. A precisely timed 5 minute slot, no pictures, only one microphone and thousands of interested listeners live on location - and millions virtually via the Zeit Online website.

Here you can rewatch Jakob’s performance - unfortunately in german language only.

5 September 2018