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Sustainable Bank Account at Tomorrow Bank

The wait is over

Effective immediately, sustainable and mobile banking is available for everyone. Yes, you heard right: the waiting list is gone for good, we’re throwing open the doors. Let’s be honest: we were never really into the whole exclusivity thing. And because the onboarding of new customers is working perfectly after about three months and the demand is still huge, we can bring you the happy news: Tomorrow is now available for everyone. Mobile. Sustainable. With no fixed costs. Ready to go in a few minutes. And full of fancier, smarter features.

So what are you waiting for? Banking has cost the earth for long enough. You can open an account here.

Are you already onboard and want to tell your friends now? Great. Shout it from the rooftops, and let those friends, who’ve been looking at your screen enviously for a while, know all about it. And everyone else, too. Do some stick-in-the-mud characters still need a bit of convincing? No problem, here are some good arguments for Tomorrow we’ve put together for you.

11 März 2019