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impact tomorrow sustainable banking app

This feature is a real passion project for us. With our Impact Board, we want to keep you up to date at all time about where and how your money achieves positive impact.

How much money is available overall, thanks to you, for sustainable industries and projects? How much of it goes into solar plants, how much into organic farming? Together, how much CO2 can we save in this way, and how much drinking water can we treat?

At the beginning, the Impact Board won’t yet have all of the planned functionality. We will “only” display the community totals, not yet broken down to every user.

And, more importantly, most of the financial products with which we will make a positive impact in the future (e.g. micro-loans or sustainable savings products such as funds) will not yet be available at the start. That will take some time - because we currently still have to clarify various regulatory and technical challenges in order to channel the money there.

Still, we would like to use the Impact Board right from the start, in line with our motto “Your money. Your Impact.” and to show you what Tomorrow is all about: steering money in the right direction and giving everyone involved transparent insight into it.

To start with, the Impact Board is mainly fed by our “tree-planting credit cards”. As you know, we have equipped all our Tomorrow Mastercards with the function that every transaction makes a small contribution to climate protection.

You will automatically finance a forest protection project in Brazil and a drinking water project in Uganda with every purchase, without incurring any costs for you (the contribution’s on us).

You can find more about the projects here. The Impact Board shows you exactly what happens there. On the one hand, there are “hard facts”: For every euro the community generates by using the card, the exact ecological effect can be measured - in litres of drinking water treated, square metres of forest protected and tons of CO2 saved. This effect is then presented to you in real time on the Impact Board.

On the other hand, the “stories behind” the hard facts should not be neglected either. So, we will give you full details all future financed projects and companies - also here in the Impact Board.

And as we said: this is only the beginning… Brasilien_Handy_Tisch.jpg

(Credits: Graphictwister/Dan_darius - Freepik.com)

19 August 2018