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The Tomorrow impact board

OUR IMPACT BOARD Tomorrow Positive Impact True to the motto - Your money, Your impact, this feature is something we’re passionate about. With our Impact Board, we want to keep you up to date at all times about where and how your money achieves positive impact.

In order to live up to this claim and show you what Tomorrow is all about, to steer money in the right direction and give all those involved transparent insight, we answer three questions in the new impact board:

How much money does Tomorrow have in total to use for sustainable projects?

Which projects are funded and who is behind them?

How does the climate contribution fit into the projects, specifically?

First and foremost, the Impact Board shows how much TOMORROW CAPITAL exists overall. Our customer deposits generate a positive impact by investing part of the total in selected projects

We take a close look at precisely these projects, and select them wisely. So that you too know where the money goes and what it does, we will provide a picture of the individual projects in the impact board.

Tomorrow’s funds go to a microfinance fund that finances several dozen institutions worldwide. The focus of the institutes is on South and Central America, Asia and Eastern Europe. The selected institutions of the KCD Fund ensure that the micro-credits support local economic development, that the interest rates for micro-credits are fair and that borrower over-indebtedness is avoided. On average, the micro-credits amount to around €1,300 and are largely given to women. Often the institutes also offer further training to the borrowers, e.g. courses in bookkeeping, in order to manage the microenterprise more successfully. While such offers open up new perspectives for clients, they reduce the risk of credit default for microfinance institutions.

Every time you pay with your Tomorrow card, you make a contribution to climate protection. And this is how it works: For transactions with Mastercards, the merchant (that can be your organic supermarket or your favourite café) pays a so-called “interchange fee” to the bank from which the card originated. This is a globally established system - and an important source of income for all banks. As a customer, you don’t notice this process at all. We want to make a difference here - and use the fees 100% for global climate protection projects. So we can work together, day by day, to make a contribution to a better tomorrow. Together we finance a forest conservation project in Brazil and a drinking water project in Uganda.


We want you to be in real time with the Impact Board as we try to make the world a little better.


29 November 2018