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The team behind Tomorrow: Yulia

Even if you can’t hear it in the first, second or hundredth words, Yulia does not come from Germany, but is a native Russian. After six years in Germany, her German is as free of accent as that of a true North German lass. A few weeks ago, she joined the Operations team with Andi, Clara & Anton.

If Yulia is not there for your support requests via chat, email, or phone, she’s a TV series addict, loves learning new languages, and enjoys playing volleyball. The fact that, at Tomorrow, she can contribute to money making a positive change and the everyday life of many customers a little more sustainable, means Yulia leaves the office every day with a smile. It is precisely this positive impact that has brought her to us. Luckily, customer support is even more fun with Yulia.

17 Juni 2019