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The team behind Tomorrow: Vinz

The crazier, the funkier, the better. That’s Vinz in a nutshell For almost two months, he’s been bringing a lot of good humour, energy and new ideas into our support team every day. He’s always available for a good chat, loves music and time in nature. In his spare time, he works on alternative, free city maps for travellers, goes on demos and rocks the occasional wedding with his band. He is a fan of everything that brings us to our limits of imagination, and the limits of our comfort zone.

At Tomorrow, he is your point of contact for any questions, concerns or ideas. Maybe you’ve already talked to Vinz on the phone? Incidentally, he makes sure that you get your Tomorrow Sweater Reward when you recruit 3 friends. Apart from that, Vinz is involved in some exciting offline stuff that we will present to you soon. Stay tuned!

20 August 2019