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The team behind Tomorrow: Tilman

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Team Behind Tomorrow Tilman

Tilman comes in to the Tomorrow office every day with a smile, freshly styled beard and cool hat. Wanting to change the world (at least a little bit), he came to Tomorrow in the middle of the year. As a user experience and design expert, Tilman takes care of tomorrow’s banking, designs the Tomorrow app, and tests new features with users. He does this (we reckon) pretty well, right?

When Tilman isn’t working or providing the team with interesting nerd knowledge, he displays his passion for music and technology. He plays piano, goes to the concert hall every few weeks and has a special interest in prime numbers and electronic music. In his smart home, Tilman has a collection of magazines amounting to around 1000 kg. He has everything from Hohe Luft to The Atlantic. After rediscovering Lego a month ago, he’s now developing a self-driving car from the blocks.