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The team behind Tomorrow: Pauline

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Team Behind Tomorrow Pauline Support

If you ring our support questions, it’s very likely that the friendly voice on the other side of the line will be Pauline’s. She has been part of our support team for a few weeks and takes care of your requests daily - also via chat & mail. Thanks to her semester abroad in Stockholm, Pauline has found a great love of sustainable finance. A little later, she came across us an online interview that she read to kill the waiting time at the doctor’s. A great coincidence. We think she’s fantastic.

Pauline loves vegan food, ideally home made. Her long-time favourite is Vietnamese Pho. When Pauline is not watching shows or devouring thrillers by Marc Elsberg, she’s raving along at all manner of gigs. In addition to Deutschrap and Alternative Pop, indie rock is one of her favorites. Since she discovered yoga for herself several years ago, so she does not find the idea of taking time off in a silent monastery at all outlandish. Her dream for the future: do a barista training and open a small cozy café with daily freshly baked croissants.