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Lilli Team of Tomorrow Smartphone Banking App Sustainability

The team behind Tomorrow: Lilli

Lilli is one of those people who wears her cell phone hanging from a cord around her neck. That’s a good thing - after all, she works for a banking app. In addition, Lilli takes care of communications at Tomorrow, and her phone is pretty important for that. Together with k, she makes sure that everyone knows what’s going on behind the scenes at the “banking of tomorrow”.

She is glad that there is no dress code at Tomorrow, because suits and heels are not her thing at all. As a true North German, she even likes rubber boots and rain jackets better than anything that needs to be ironed. Before Lilli came to Tomorrow, she studied in the hip city of Leipzig. However, the fact that the sustainable design of the world is one of the challenges of our time was something she was already clear about. Therefore, she is very happy that thanks to Tomorrow money is no longer the problem, but a solution.

1 Februar 2019