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The team behind Tomorrow: Hanna

Hanna is a genuine Hamburger, and she has long roots here in bohemian St. Pauli. Until recently, it never occurred to her to work for a bank. Although she has a mania for order and has studied business administration, there’s one thing Hanna’s not: stuffy and conventional.

It’s surprising enough that she is North German and nevertheless has a cheerful disposition. That she walks in here every day in oversized hipster clothes and whistles happily whilst working at the calculator, is even more so. Good for us: a few weeks ago Hanna took the helm in accounting & back office. She did that for quite a while for a company making Fair Trade soft drinks (guess which one). And since banks became sustainable, mobile and at home in St. Pauli, Hanna has been blown away by the idea of being a banker. And so are we.

23 November 2018