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Franzi from the sustainable bank tomorrow supporting them with social media and content marketing

The team behind Tomorrow: Franzi

Franzi has a lengthy morning routine: meditation, drinking coffee, preparing food for the day, writing in her journal and reading the paper. For a few weeks now, this routine has ended in the Tomorrow office, where she’s supporting the “banking of tomorrow” with their social media.

Together with Lilli, Franzi makes sure you always get the latest information, and you also get to look behind the scenes at the “banking of tomorrow”. Thanks to her studies and all manner of practical experience, Franzi is a confident hand with social networks. She particularly enjoys using her talenta and abilities for good causes. This led her to Nepal, where she spent some months with an NGO as Base Manager for waste. There, she developed a strong interest in the #zerowaste movement. When she’s not concentrating hard on the issue of how we can live better in the future, she likes playing complex card games (e.g. “Doppelkopf”).

12 April 2019