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Team behind Tomorrow Fine Team Marketing

The team behind Tomorrow: Fine

Fine is a true child of Berlin. At night, she prefers to dance to wild Harry Potter techno sets, but is just as happy listening to rap, indie, or classical music too. She greets friends and family on the phone with a cheerful, hearty Berliner “Servus”.

A university lecture by our co-founder Jakob captivated Fine so much that she just had to take a look behind the scenes of tomorrow’s banking app. And of course that works best in the marketing team. She has been mixing it up for ten weeks with her lively, joyful nature.

When she’s not working to communicate to the world a major change to a better tomorrow, she loves to play board games, cook pumpkin soup, or dream of a house by the lake. Not with Peter Fox, but 100 children, lots of free time and creativity.

21 Oktober 2019