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Facebook, AI, Vero, Chatbots, Hamburgs Social Innovation Challenge.

Social Innovation Challenge

Chatbots, AI, Vero, the new Facebook feed and many more buzzwords were at the top of the agenda during the Social Media Week Hamburg last week. A series of exciting workshops, panels, keynotes on the current trends and topics of a digitized society - all connected with the question of how we want to live in this „brave new world“.

We didn’t just discuss technical matters – participants also glanced up from their screens. The “Social Innovation Challenge” had invited eight social business projects from Hamburg to take part in a 48-hour public bar camp. Together with experts and interested members of the community, the ideas were put to the acid test. We at Tomorrow were right in the middle of it - and we send a big thank you to the creators of the Challenge.

Especially because we got to know all these dynamic, vibrant characters:

GRYN, who want to save more than 98% of packaging waste with their clever bio-cleaning system and want to be no less than the answer to all cleaning questions. Let’s go, Reza & Oke: #makenaturesmile!

The Chapel of Love, from Hamburg’s bohemian St. Pauli, who want to create a new form of marriage out of a lot of passion, a little rockabilly style and plenty of love. For everyone and everywhere. If Tomorrow ever gets married, we want you to do it.

The impressive Dagmar Hirch of „ „Wege aus der Einsamkeit“ (= Pathways out of Loneliness) that points the way to the digital age for elderly people. Can the Internet have grey hair? Definitely. And it looks great.

Five friends, one passion: Football. And the conviction that this sport (even in times of total commercialisation) can be a medium of communication and cooperation. They want to create a “training camp” that brings people from areas with social problems to work, promotes dialogue between cultures and generations - and at the same time functions as a hostel.

The incredible Kathera, who has woven a fashion label out of her own refugee story, her deceased mother’s favourite accessory and unbelievable diligence - and now wants to set up socially sustainable production in Hamburg.

The boys from Caté, who brew something amazing out of what many see as coffee waste. This makes sense in many respects: less waste, higher yields for the farmer - and a decent caffeine hit for us.

It was a great pleasure for us to be there.

8 März 2018