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fintech tomorrow sustainable

Not Another #fintech

And that doesn’t change, we’re afraid, even with cool apps and better UX. In this respect, many Fintechs are more fun than the boring high street monoliths. But from an ethical point of view it is old wine in new bottles: conventionally invested money finances the industries of yesterday, no matter on which technical platform you bank.

We believe in the good in money.

With Tomorrow we want money to become part of the solution. By putting a stop, in the first step, to the financing of all socially and ecologically destructive industries. With a clearly formulated list of criteria, which determines where your money will certainly not go.

In the next step we want to turn the tables with you - and use your and our money to create positive change. Tomorrow will channel money where good can grow out of it: Organic agriculture, green technology, education, new forms of mobility, modern living and working.

With partners like Oikokredit we want to finance small loans in the global south, where (supposedly) small means can become big things. We want to offer smart savings and investment opportunities with which your return and karma can sit happily together. A herd of cash cows that only eats organic grass, so to speak. And create a crowdfunding platform where you can support sustainable business ideas right from their first steps. And sustainable consumption not only recognizes, but rewards - just as the people at Wertewandel do. We want to join forces with all the pioneers (Avocadostore, Armed Angels, Share, Einhorn, Viva con Agua, …) of a new, more sustainable economy - and ensure that banking also finally becomes sustainable.

To make a real difference together. And not be just another #fintech.

28 März 2018